Third Pillar of Islam & Zakat

Zakat is mandatory charitable giving for Muslims. It purifies wealth and aids the less fortunate. Muslims meeting wealth criteria must donate 2.5% of their savings and investments. Introduction to Zakat In the tapestry of Islam, the five pillars stand as the foundational tenets shaping the […]

Muslim Women in Islam

Role of Women Muslim women follow the Quran’s teachings and contribute to their communities as scholars, professionals, activists, and caregivers. Muslim women have diverse experiences and perspectives that vary among cultures and nations. Why do Muslim Women cover their hair? The hijab is the term […]

Honesty Definition

Honesty is a quality or characteristic of being truthful, sincere, and straightforward in words and actions. It involves being genuine and transparent in all aspects of one’s behavior and interactions with others, including telling the truth, keeping promises, admitting mistakes, and being accountable for one’s […]