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Check out our Quran Classes Fee learning study plan packages, class fees, and pricing options. We offer standard schedules as well as customizable ones. Weekend classes are available at a reasonable rate, with special discounts for siblings.

The journey of Quranic study through online platforms has become increasingly popular due to its accessibility and convenience. To facilitate this learning process effectively, Quran study plan packages are designed to cater to the diverse needs of learners, providing structured guidance and support. Quran Classes Fee study plan packages are available along with their corresponding class fees, ensuring transparency and clarity for prospective learners.

Select your preferred per-week plan and enjoy a free trial lesson. Explore our plans below.

Quran Classes Fee Study Plan Packages

Basic Quran Study Plan: 

This package is suitable for beginners and covers fundamental concepts such as Arabic alphabets, pronunciation (Tajweed), and basic Quranic vocabulary. It includes structured lessons designed to build a strong foundation in Quranic recitation.

Intermediate Quran Study Plan: 

Designed for learners with basic Quranic knowledge, this package focuses on enhancing fluency in recitation, understanding Quranic verses, and memorization (Hifz) techniques. It incorporates interactive sessions to deepen comprehension and application of Quranic teachings.

Advanced Quran Study Plan:

Tailored for advanced learners seeking in-depth Quranic study, this package delves into complex topics such as Quranic interpretation (Tafsir), classical Arabic grammar, and thematic analysis of Quranic chapters. It offers personalized guidance to support scholarly exploration and critical engagement with the Quran.

Classes Fee Structure: 

Each Quran study plan package is priced according to its level of complexity, duration, and instructor expertise


Classes Fee in Pakistan Rs 

Admission Fee: Rs.1500 Nazira / Rs.2000 Hifz



Classes Fee in UAE DIRHAM 

Admission Fee: AED.35.00 Nazira / AED.47.00 Hifz


 USA Dollar Fee


Europe Euro



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